Hello & Welcome 

At Your Therapy Houston, therapy is all about you. The goal is to ensure you are heard with empathy, respect, and an open mind. Sharing your story with someone is not easy & my mission is to empower you throughout this process. No matter the hardship affecting your life change is possible. Let’s join forces & create change together!

Jessica Medina, MS, LMFT-S

Serving Individuals, Teens, Couples, & Families 

Hi, there! You are here because you are either considering therapy or have already made the decision to start. Therapy is an investment in yourself and right now, you are a step closer to where you want to be. Congratulations!

I would describe myself as someone who is dedicated to my work and the people that I help. I love what I do and every single day I work hard to be the best therapist that I can be. I am here to walk with you, explore with you and guide you where needed. To learn more about me and my style you may click here.

“Where you stand determines what you see and what you do not see; it also determines the angle you see it from; a change in where you stand changes everything.” 
― Steve De Shazer

 Core Values 


Building a connection with you is something that is important to me. I have found this to be a key factor related to the success of therapy. To achieve this connection, I  provide an individualized experience by considering your values, ideas, and opinions throughout our collaboration. The goal is to build an authentic relationship with you.


I believe every person has their own unique set of strengths, skills, and resources within them. A strength-based model gives us the opportunity to focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t. Together we will learn your existing strengths and explore how they can be maximized to your benefit to create the change that you are looking for.


You should feel understood, respected, and heard by your therapist. To ensure that you are benefiting from therapy, your feedback on any area of improvement is encouraged. Not only does this align with empowering you, but it also helps attend to your progress. The goal is to always work on my approach in any area that you feel is needed to better serve you.

If you have any questions or need help deciding if I am the best fit for you, I provide a complimentary phone consultation. Schedule one today! 






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