Why therapy?

Therapy is a great resource to anyone seeking to improve their well being.  Often there can be a misconception that therapy is only for those with mental health concerns or people who have reached some kind of rock bottom. But actually, therapy has been proven to benefit various areas of concerns. The beautiful thing about therapy is that it can be customized to fit your specific need. Everyone goes through difficult times and therapy can serve as your support system when life becomes a little too difficult to deal with alone. Although these benefits exist, the choice to start therapy is ultimately yours. Only you can decide if counseling is the right decision for you. 

Why work with a Marriage & Family Therapist?

A Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) is trained to work with individuals, couples, & families. Each method of therapy truly requires it’s own mastery and an MFT’s training focuses on bringing awareness to the different skills needed when working with an individual, couple, or family. The goal is to be mindful of these key differences in order to connect with everyone attending the session. MFT’s also practice systemically, which means that we consider the system as a whole in relation to the problem. If you think about it, the concerns you experience not only affect you, but they also affect your family, partner, children, friends, co-workers, etc. MFT’s aim to explore the aspects of your individual concerns and how they relate to the relationship you have with yourself and others. 

What should I look for in a Therapist?

It is recommended that you look for a therapist that understands and respects your values. You deserve to spend your time, effort, and money on someone that takes their time to listen to your needs. It is also recommended to look for a therapist that is a good fit for you. Therapy is an investment and you should select someone that you can connect with. Initial phone consultations are a great opportunity for you to get a feel of whether or not the connection is there. If a therapist that you are interested in working with offers phone consultations, take advantage of it. If they do not, ask for one! You should be able to speak to a potential fit before scheduling an appointment. 

What area of town are you located in?

Your Therapy Houston is located in the Rice Military Neighborhood in Houston, TX on the corner of Memorial Dr. and Westcott. It is centrally located and near Downtown Houston, Midtown, Montrose, Museum District, The Heights, and River Oaks.

Does Your Therapy Houston accept insurance?

Your Therapy Houston accepts out-of-network plans and may be able to work with your insurance company.

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